In februari 2024 zijn QA Company en Virtuoso een partnership aangegaan. Onderstaand de publicatie die dit partnership aankondigt.

Virtuoso and QA Company Partner to Enable QA Teams to Benefit from AI-Powered Test Automation

Summary: Virtuoso and QA Company are announcing their partnership to bring AI-powered test automation to QA teams ready to scale their testing.

Virtuoso, the leader in AI-powered test automation, and QA Company, a business built on QA & software testing professionals, are partnering to bring quality to every application. This partnership plans to bring test automation to the whole team, empowering them to test fast and at scale. 
QA Company leverages years of experience to make a difference in the testing community, whether a team needs a temporary technical expert, advice on implementing a testing strategy, or a kickstart to get low-code/no-code test automation up and running. Virtuoso’s low-code/no-code, AI-powered platform is perfectly positioned to be implemented by an entire team, regardless of technical experience. 

Jelle Schutte, Founder of QA Company, is “excited about the move from legacy, code-powered test automation to AI-powered, next-generation automation platforms. With this strategic shift, QA Company, in conjunction with Virtuoso, is poised to redefine industry standards, setting a new benchmark for innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the realm of software testing. We invite our clients and partners to join us on this exciting journey as we pave the way for a future where AI becomes the cornerstone of cutting-edge automation solutions.”  

Andy Dickin, Channel Director at Virtuoso, says, “We’re excited to combine our next-generation, AI-led test automation platform with The QA company’s undoubted pedigree in delivering best-in-class testing solutions.  Our partnership is the key to unlocking innovation, ensuring quality, and accelerating the journey to flawless software for organizations in the Netherlands.” 

About Virtuoso: Virtuoso is a leading provider of an AI-powered test automation platform for functional UI and end-to-end testing. The platform combines Robotic Process Automation, AI/Machine Learning, and Natural Language Programming, simplifying the test authoring process and reducing time and costs. 

About QA Company: QA Company is dedicated to providing premier testing services to Agile and DevOps teams looking to ensure that their application is of the highest quality. With the approach that test automation is not “one size fits all”, QA Company takes their time to choose the right solution for the right software. 

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